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    '12 years a Slave' - Movie

    I'll soon be watchin' the above on the Tee-Bee but being produced by a Nigger I'm sure it will portray ebil YT in the worst possible light with the 'He beez inn-sent' Nigger cast as the unfortunate victim.
    Anyway, as long as I see plenty of whippin' and hear lots of screamin' it will make my shots of 'Jack D' taste so much better!

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    It doesn't have a happy ending, though. The nigger escapes.

    I'll never bother seeing the movie, even "12 Years of Work" is an appropriate title for the first part.
    We know the world is messed up when a Kenya-born Muslim returns as President, Snowden fled to HK and Russia to escape the U.S. govt, George Zimmerman was put on trial, Colin Kapernick was GQ's Citizen of the Year, Dems steal a presidential election, and BLM is nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

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    I watch these historical movies for the pleasure of nigger wrangling, whipping, or swift justice for raping.

    I remember this from Chimpout maybe in 2014:

    12 Years a Slave. Always a Nigger".
    Coalburning is bestiality.

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    Chimpout Guest
    My favorite part is when the human says you will refer to me as master and then proceeds to clap his hands and make them clap to him singing the song run nigger run.

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    Chimpout Guest
    Well, I watched the movie and sure nough' it was all designed to promote a river of white guilt - as if I should be surprised. I suggest that a plantation owner or his overseer of the day would no more routinely (or for 'fun') whip a worker to within an inch of their life anymore that a regular farmer/ranch owner of the time would whip his horses, oxen or mules to 'Deaths door' since they needed to be productive in order to produce the best yield, cotton, tobacco - whatever. Since profit would have been the objective (as in any commercial enterprise) what value would there have been in having incapacitated workers?
    Surely it's no different today where you don't see 'John Deere' equipment which like workers cost money being abused (neglected service/oil change etc) used 'roughly' and/or left out in the field all winter etc.
    In summary, if conditions on plantations were so bad why did so many housed and fed workers decide to stay on the plantations even after they had received their freedom?

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