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    That's what I call justice: 50 niggersows killed by cops since 2015, no cops convicted

    “Violence towards Black girls and women has always received far too little coverage, leaving the loved ones of countless victims of state-sanctioned murder without justice,” said Arisha Hatch, the vice president and chief of campaigns at Color Of Change, a nonprofit civil-rights group.

    From February 2015 to March 2021, the police shot and killed at least 50 Black women, identified in police reports and by news outlets. The true number might be higher. Several of these women had a mental illness, their families said.

    "Mental illness"? All these niggers were criminals that had to be put down. Look them up like I did. Someone once had a signature that there wasn't a nigger made good by cops that wasn't justified, and I'm still waiting to hear of one exception.

    Alexia Christian: after being arrested and put in a squad car, the niggeress somehow pulled out a gun and started shooting at police.

    Sandy Guardiola: a cop did a wellness check, and Guardiola pulled a gun and fired off a round.

    Atatiana Koquice Jefferson: cops checking on an open hour door fired back after the niggeress pulled a gun on them.

    Bettie Jones: accidentally shot when a fellow nigger was shooting at police, so it would have never happened without "Quintonio" being a criminal.

    India Kager: police tried arresting its wanted criminal boo, the boo started shooting, India was also in the car.

    Charleena Lyles: called police to report a burglary, greeted them by attacking them with a knife.

    Lajuana Phillips: chimped out at car dealership, responding deputy discovered it had an outstanding warrant and expired license, niggeress tried driving off, deputy deployed pepper spray, niggeress tried running down deputy.

    Breonna Taylor: infamous spy working in a police department, shot in crossfire when its boo tried killing police.

    Pamela Shantay Turner: niggeress with outstanding warrants tried grabbing cop's taser and used it on him, cop did what he had to.

    Turner had schizophrenia, according to civil rights attorney Ben Crump, who is representing Turner's family.
    We know the world is messed up when a Kenya-born Muslim returns as President, Snowden fled to HK and Russia to escape the U.S. govt, George Zimmerman was put on trial, Colin Kapernick was GQ's Citizen of the Year, Dems steal a presidential election, and BLM is nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

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    Libturds want equal rights for women. Ratchets, sheboons and buffarillas are technically females, so let 'er rip,
    officers. Ugly fat is dangerous fat, I always say.

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    Niggers just don't learn the first or the juneteenth time. Break the law the cops come. Don't break the law, the cops won't come and shoot your lazy monkey ass.

    = Niggers Are Always Causing Problems
    N.A.A.C.P. = Niggers Are Always Carrying Pistols
    N.A.A.C.P. = Niggers Are Always Copping Pleas

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