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    Why I love chocolate

    Cocoa beans, sugar, and just a sprinkle of niglet slaves. In Western Africa it represents an industry that enslaves and imprisons niglets, exploiting them for free labor. Chocolate derives from the cacao bean, 70% of which is cultivated in Western Africa. According to the 2018 Cocoa Barometer, there are as many as 2 million child laborers in West Africa alone, many of whom were kidnapped and forced into the servitude of the chocolate industry.

    After they are handed off to farmers, the children are forced to work long hours in life-threatening conditions, carrying heavy bags of cocoa seeds, using sharp machetes, and climbing tall trees without equipment. They are beaten with bicycle chains or cacao branches if they fail to meet required quotas or attempt an escape. These niglets are physically and psychologically abused and deprived of their childhoods to lay the foundation for other countries’ luxurious consumption of chocolate.

    After recent journalistic exposés brought the issue to the international stage, several popular chocolate brands were exposed for their participation in the global exploitation of chocolate and niggers, including Hershey, Nestlé, Godiva, and Mars. For the niglets in developing countries who produce it and have never even tasted the finished product, chocolate represents a solemn life of slavery, abuse, and the end of their childhood.
    It's nice to see that some companies aren't afraid to tell the woke folks to go fuck themselves.

    As for chocolate, I love it in my protein shakes. I also like pouring chocolate syrup on my pancakes in the morning. I like chocolate flavored cereals. Hot cocoa or chocolate tastes great on a chilly morning. There are countless uses for chocolate in baked goods, and every time I taste chocolate, I think of how so many millions of niggers were put through pain, agony, and torment just so I could be happy.

    I think it is wrong for humans to own slaves, but if niggers want to enslave other niggers and keep that shit in Africa... then what is the problem? It's only racist when wypipo do it.

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    Chimpout Guest
    I've always liked chocolate, but I like it even more now. Finally, a product I can support even if the commercials become niggerized. Next time I go to the grocery store, I'll be picking up some chocolate.

    pick those cocoa beans!

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    Well, shit!

    That's it. I'm giving up chocolate. Not because of the monkey labor force, I just don't like niggers touching my food.

    tweakstick \ˈtwēkˈstik\ 1: A small plastic calibration tool, used for making adjustments on electrical or mechanical equipment. 2: A large wooden calibration tool, used for making adjustments on antiquated farm equipment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tweakstick View Post
    Well, shit!

    That's it. I'm giving up chocolate. Not because of the monkey labor force, I just don't like niggers touching my food.
    I understand how you feel. At first I had the same thought. But in this case, I think the chocolate actually tastes a bit better knowing what I know now. It is thoroughly processed and I'm sure all traces of nigger are removed. I think cotton would feel softer and more comfortable too if niggers were still picking it under proper supervision too.

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