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    Just walk out store... and stupid niggers...

    So my employer just launched a just walk out store in the breakroom at work. I set my account up the week before and was ready to go. So I scan my palm, enter the store and start searching for my stuff. Enter two ratchets. One of them is peaking over the wall telling me I'm it's first victim. About 30 seconds later the second ratchet is at the front gate asking "so you just walk een?" I'm at work so I had to be civil and told her you need to set up an account. "Do you scan your badge?" 🤦*♂️ I repeat you need to make an account. Another white employee took over her questions at that point. So I make my selection and walk out. So I'm trying to check my account and receipt and the first nigger and another start peppering me with questions. "How do you know how much it is?" I told them I was looking. "What if it charged you 3 dollars?" My response to this was waving my hand and saying "whoopee" as all I bought was a coke and didn't want to give this bitching nigger any gratification. The payment didn't go through until later which I informed said nigger as I walked away. Point of the story is that this is support of how fucking stupid niggers are (like anyone needs to be told that here &#129315. There have been signs up for days telling how to set up your account and even the palm scanning option took me 5 minutes to set up but the niggers are too stupid to figure it out. An equally likely possibility is that their looking for a way to continue to steal from it. My employer is infested with niggers, but usually they're easy to avoid. The coke was only 1.60 btw. Same as its always been.

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    An equally likely possibility is that they're looking for a way to continue to steal from it
    Bingo !
    Tough on niggers and the causes of niggers !

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