Talk about a hell of a time!

For some unholy reason, a Miami Honda dealership allowed a nigger sow take a 2024 Civic for a test drive, unaccompanied. That would have never flown at the dealerships I ran. Especially with a nigger involved! (Car people hate niggers!)

So Nigger Melina Logan (27) of somewhere in North Carolina made the trip to Miami and decided stealing a car was a smart plan?

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The video starts with Nigger Melina driving like a crazed savage through essential stopped traffic, with Florida State Troopers behind her. The nigger hits everything but the pace car! The sow, who hit speeds of over 90 mph, finally crashes into the concrete barrier. One of the nigger's victims was sent to the hospital.

After totaling the Honda, Nigger Melina climbs up on the concrete wall, then dives off into what is described as a "pond." It's a damned big pond! I'm sure the stupid Carolina Blue Gum didn't realize that any body of water in Florida larger than a rain puddle is likely to have an alligator or two hanging out. Amazingly none were spotted here.

Equally amazing is the nigger didn't rockfish. I guess we can't have everything.

Nigger Melina refused ropes thrown her way, but after a brief struggle in the water, was arrested.

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Nigger Melina was charged with:

Grand theft auto.

Two counts of battery on a police officer.

Fleeing and eluding police.

Leaving the scene of a crash.

Resisting arrest.

Worthless nigger!