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    Can you believe this shit?

    Today was a short day. All we had to do was grout a small shower we finished building on Saturday. Along with the check he owed, the customer gave my work partner and I a $100 bill each!
    On the way to Bank to cash check, we decided to stop at Hardee’s for biscuits with sausage gravy! There is a purple haired sherilla at the counter.We order our sausage and gravy meals.
    My work partner and I take turns buying each other’s meals every day. It is my turn, so I whip out $100 bill, which was marked 2023 with the stripe and the watermarks.
    Sherilla takes out some kind of highlighter, puts a stripe on my Franklin dollar and tells me it’s fake and sez”I has to keep it foe da police “as it is walking quikly towards the back I’m like “what the fuck! don’t go anywhere with my fucking money!”
    I immediately run behind the counter ,attempting to get my fucking money out of this fucking nigger’s hand!
    The manager who is an older white gentleman hears the commotion, comes to the front and asks”what’s going on?” I go there a lot, and he’s waited on me before,so he was very diplomatic.
    I told him “this thing at the counter took my hundred dollar bill and tried to steal it,I know that’s why it was heading to the back. It was going to do the old switcheroo”!
    Nigger had no chance to switch that bill before the manger got a chance to examine it. All he did was hold it up for the light like I did and he could tell it was 100% legit.
    He gave me back my $100 bill and said “sorry for the mistake”. I was ready to leave with my work partner when manager told us to sit down and breakfast was on the house.
    I really wasn’t hungry anymore. But my work partner told me to relax and take the free meal. The manager came to our table with the food. And again he apologized. He said “sorry for the mistake “. I replied you’re a gentleman and a scholar, but you know that wasn’t a mistake and you need to fire that thing “ He just gave me a bittersweet smile and walked away..
    Lately, I’ve been having some real problems with the fucking Savage beasts around here. I’m glad this one turned out well. I guess I’ll never buy anything from a counter nigger with $100 bill anymore.
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