Yeah, this makes me angry.

The video enough is triggering. I only got this video today. The video is of a 66 year old woman who was standing at a London Bus Stop before she was stabbed to death by a somalian scum bag for her handbag.

View this video with sadness for a life that was taken without any concern for humanity. And a family that will miss her.

Edgware stabbing: Woman, 66, killed in street ‘by man who tried to rob her purse’

A woman aged 66 was stabbed to death by a mugger trying to steal her purse at a bus stop in north London, a witness claimed.

Police and emergency crews arrived at the scene in Burnt Oak Broadway, Edgware shortly before noon on Thursday, but within two minutes she was pronounced dead.

Horrified passers-by heard her shout, “Help me, help me” and then described seeing “a lot of blood”.
She cried out for her own life. But the lives of Londoners mean nothing to the advocates of so-called "diversity."

“The guy was trying to get her handbag but she said ‘no’ and fought back. I saw her pull the handbag twice. He pulled her into the road and stabbed her three times.

“He let go of her and she dropped to the ground. She was covered in blood and his hand was red. He ran off and everyone ran to the woman to help her. I heard the scream.”
London is a shithole. If this had happened in my backyard, this would have been stopped.

Go ahead and click the link for the usual British horseshit wahhhh wahhh and dog and pony show.