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    S African niggertown goes without water for 9 days: a valve was closed and needed to be opened

    Joburg’s dry taps: Valve found in closed position

    Power outages. Niggers chimping on White Farmers. Nine days without water. It's all so tiresome.

    After some Johannesburg suburbs were left without water for nine days, technicians found the fault was simple: a valve was closed and needed to be opened.

    Johannesburg Water said the Rand Water Waterval system was not showing flows going through the meter.

    “Johannesburg Water teams conducted field investigations, taking pressure readings from their reservoirs along the pipe route up to the Rand Water Waterval dam meter (RW Waterval reservoir), while RW teams were conducting investigations on the supply pipe coming from the Meredale system.
    “They had not opened up the valve, a massive valve, and once they did water started flowing through. Rand Water needs to be engaged on this. There needs to be some type of punitive measure, and there needs to be some kind of accountability,” she said.
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    Who is the fucking idiot who opened the valve? They should’ve left the worthless dumb ass niggers to die of dehydration.

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    Lol, it’s always the simplest things niggers can’t do for themselves. The fuckers are always half naked, starving and thirsty as all hell. Hahaha dumbass niggers.
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