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    Germany: The abbreviation USA is now a Nazi symbol

    You just can't make this up: In Germany, a dubious foundation "Loud Against Nazis" (of course, founded by the usual suspects: the German Green party, various US ngo) have put the abbreviation "USA" on the list as well. Because it's Nazi:
    The abbreviation USA also appears in the database. It says the following: “Description: “Our Blessed Adolf”, first used by Winifred Wagner. Disclaimer: Can also stand for United States of America”.
    Explanation/Translation: USA -> Unser Seliger Adolf, approximately translates to Our Blessed Adolf

    LIbtards are nuts!!

    google translated:

    I generally avoid clothing with visible brand names or other brand symbols (I don't want to be a walking advertising column unless I get paid for it. And I'm too old for ridiculous t-shirts etc. anyway.) But now I really have to think about getting some USA shirts.
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