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    If you have X (twitter) you should follow Anthony Cumia

    And Lauren Witzke on GAB.

    Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to avoid every nigger you meet.

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    Niggers were and will always be worthless useless lazy destructive and stupid.Any money spent on niggers is a total waste.Unless the money is spent on a one way ticket to Afrika where these destructive beasts belong!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Whitey Ford View Post

    And Lauren Witzke on GAB.

    I'm going to start following him on X!! I remember when he had Lady Gash on his show and they played the "SCHVUGGIES" song to the tune of Blondie's "call Me!!" That was some funny SHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEIT!!

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    Wuzzery of the day: Cowboys
    We wuz Vikangz, Native Amuricahns, Buhgypshuns, Eskimos, Mermaids, Australians, Beethoven, Shakespeare and Flyin Purramiyid Pilots.

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    A nigger will never be the first human. Sure anthropologists say that humans first came from Africa, but by our definition of humans today, we, Homo sapiens, are the true humans. Homo erectus, is still not human. Just like a coyote and dog, dogs have kindness, compassion, loyalty; things coyotes and niggers will never have.

    We wuz cowboys, shit nigger, you wuz slaves! And nothing more! Can't even call you protohumans because of your violence, laziness, filth, and repulsive looks! You niggers are sub-simians!
    Coalburning is bestiality.

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