Yes, before monkeyball there was nothing. People will have nothing to do if the darkies stop tossing balls of air into a hoop for our amusement. What empty lives we will lead. Is there no balm in Gilead?

University of Southern California professor Shaun Harper recently wrote a piece in Forbes titled, “Black Athletes Could Upset March Madness And End Attacks on DEI.” He rightfully points out that Black people represent a disproportionate percentage of college student-athletes who populate the high-revenue sports of basketball and football at predominantly white institutions, both nationwide and in states that are against diversity, equity and inclusion.

Magically, deceptive anti-DEI advocates and politicians never bring this up. Why? Maybe because these Black boys make white-controlled athletic conferences, universities, coaches, athletic directors, university presidents, television networks and others insane amounts of money.

Harper speaks of Birmingham Mayor Randall Woodfin encouraging Black athletes to steer clear of powerhouses like Alabama and Auburn if the state passed anti-diversity legislation.

Well, Alabama obviously didn’t take Woodfin seriously, because Gov. Kay Ivey and her confederates joined Florida and Texas in passing such a law. Kentucky is on the brink of doing the same.

NAACP President Derrick Johnson and others are calling for Black athletes to avoid Florida and, ostensibly, other states attacking diversity initiatives and Black access to higher education. They opine, “The imbalance of power and profit demands a response, particularly because these institutions reap considerable financial benefits from the very individuals they fail to stand by in matters of diversity, equity, and inclusion.”