Any Aussies here? I just read that Alice Springs imposed a curfew for under 18-year-olds, after "150 people went on the rampage after a teenager’s funeral." What's going on there? That absolutely sounds like niggers or ass-lifters, but as far as I know, Alice Springs is a super tiny town literally in the middle of nowhere. I am even surprised there are even 150 youths living there.

According to police, the violence began when a large group of people from the Utopia district north of Alice Springs arrived in town to commemorate the death of an 18-year-old man who was killed on March 8 when the stolen car he was travelling in rolled over.
Apart from Tuesday’s brawls, a series of violent incidents have taken place in Alice Springs in recent weeks, including on Saturday when a group of about 10 young women bashed and stripped a 16-year-old girl.
Northern Territory police will send 58 additional officers to the town. There will be no criminal penalty for breaking the curfew, police said.
Is that niggers, sand-niggers, or Aborigines?