How's it goin', eh? Been lurking awhile and enjoying some terrific laughs at the expense of Niggers, alternating with rage and sorrow at the horrific stories of human injury and murder at the hands of same. Decided I couldn't bear being silent any more. Here are some things I've believed for a while now:

  • Niggers are definitely NOT H. sapiens.

  • Niggers who are articulate (the few) are that way because they've learned mimicry of the White Man's juju. EVERYTHING any Nigger does that resembles achievement, from the music industry to politics to sports to driving a friggin' car is only possible because those particular Niggers have 100% adopted YT's ways. Before us, it was all mud huts and cannibalism.

  • Good-looking Niggers (again, the few) obviously have a MAJOR chunk of YT DNA due to bestiality. Undiluted Niggers look like what they are: H. erectus or something even more primitive.

  • Niggers who actually have the sense to understand all Niggerness is a horror show (the fewest of all) deserve some praise and sympathy, because they are pariahs to their own kind and to the leftist-scumbag mass media.

  • There are two kinds of Jews in this world: the God-fearing genuine Jews in Israel who are a major bulwark against Asslifter aggression, and the degenerate Commie pseudo-Jews in the Western world. The first kind deserve respect, and the other kind are a major problem (cf. Schumer, Soros, Weinstein,).

  • The media-political complex is dedicated to destroying America and the rest of Western democracy. They are accomplishing this through a number of projects each of which I could write pages about, but include mass immigration of savages from the world's worst shitholes, the better to increase fear and disempowerment among legitimate citizens; "climate change" and environmental fear; inflation (aside from the obvious massive increase in debt, did you know our two countries don't have gold reserves any more? They were sold to the Chinese and any other high bidder, so our currency is literally worth nothing); incessant attacks on conservatives combined with election fraud to ensure a uniparty state; and encouraging riot, assault, murder, looting and other forms of mayhem by Niggers and their abettors in the Wigger demographic (their hope being that sufficient anarchy will enable them to enact Martial Law and consolidate their power the same way the Nazis and Communists did). This of course is just a sample of what's going on, here and in Europe.

BTW, I don't draw any distinction between Nazis and Commies - they all wanted government control of every aspect of life, they reward informers, and they use force and the perversion of the justice system to achieve those aims. Hitler and Stalin were wrestling for the same goal, but ideologically had the same values. So when some Nigger or little junkie puke from Antifa calls anyone a "Nazi," the irony is off the scale.

  • George Groid was a piece of shit, and the powers that be were just running out of patience waiting for some "decent" Nigger to die, so they jumped when that video came out - the one that doesn't show Derek Chauvin had his knee on Groid's shoulder, not his neck.

There's much more of course, but I don't want to take up too much of your time saying stuff you already know - just wanted you to know there are a few of us Northern neighbors who are just too smart or stubborn to be good little consumers of the tsunami of bullshit that emanates 24/7/365 from the Ministry of Truth like most of our fellow citizens. In short, we are all in a SHIT-TON OF TROUBLE and need to stick together and be watchful. Bless you all here and keep up the good fight, you make me laugh and cry and feel things aren't hopeless. Oh, and hope I earn the right to an avatar soon!