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    Why does TV suck? Between 2011 and 2020 TV staff writers move from 72% to 44% white

    Twenty-five years ago, the first episode of "The Sopranos" premiered on HBO, marking the beginning of a six-season run repeatedly dubbed one of the greatest television series ever.

    Now, the show's creator, David Chase, warns that the golden age of TV — that has seen series such as "The Wire" and "Breaking Bad" — may be over as smart shows face an existential threat.

    He added that he has also been told, as a writer, to "dumb it down."

    As he was working on a script with screenwriter Hanna Fiddell about a prostitute forced into witness protection, Chase told The Times that he was told "the unfortunate truth" that the script was too complicated.

    "Who is this all really for?" Chase said in the interview with The Times. "I guess the stockholders?"
    "Never," Chase said. "That's typical Hollywood. They never take responsibility, but load responsibility on to the talent and bury them in guilt for not 'getting' it."
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    What the hell is a bipoc? Whatever it is I agree that it is making tv stupid to the point of being insulting. We are getting to the point where the number one movie will be called Ass. It will be a movie of an ass for three hours, and people will love it.
    We have become Idiocracy.
    Keep forcing diversity and this is what you get dumber and dumber.

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