Budget Cuts Hit Preschools, Cops, Libraries as Mayor Blames Migrants

New York City’s expansion of universal pre-k, some trash pickup, and library services have been slashed as part of Mayor Eric Adams’ “extremely painful” cuts in a newly-announced budget modification that looks to trim the city’s spending.
Of the cuts, the mayor had said Tuesday, “it’s going to hurt, it’s going to hurt a lot.”
Adams has pinned much of the city’s financial woes on the asylum seeker crisis, as officials say more than 143,000 migrants have come to New York City over the last year and a half — many of them needing public assistance.

The city is still taking care of more than 60,000 asylum seekers in already overtaxed shelters and facilities across the city, as it is required to provide shelter to anyone under its “right to shelter” mandate.

The city predicts it will spend $11 billion on services and housing for migrants over the next two years, officials said — and plans to keep reducing those services, although they did not provide further details on how.