There is a new law in New York State that allows tenants to stay in the home they are renting even if they do not pay.

If you know anyone who owns a rental property, hopefully, things are going well. New York State has put a ton of new laws in place that makes things more clear in a ton of different aspects of the landlord-tenant relationship.

If you have someone who is a horrible tenant, look how long they can LEGALLY and technically live in your rental unit! An entire year!
If you lose a housing case and the judge orders your eviction, you can ask the court for up to one year to move if you can show that you cannot find a similar apartment in the same neighborhood. The judge will take into account your health conditions, whether you have children enrolled in school, the hardship on the landlord if you remain, and any other life circumstances that could affect your ability to move.

ē The new law strengthens protections for tenants against retaliatory evictions and increases penalties for landlords who illegally lock tenants out of their homes