Violent conflict with 150 people erupts in Calgary Saturday afternoon

Up to 150 people participated in a violent fight late Saturday afternoon in the northeast community of Falconridge.

“The Calgary Police Service considers this to be a serious event and has dedicated resources to keep the peace,” police said in a Saturday night media release. “This is not a protest. This is a violent conflict between two groups with opposing views.”
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Police were called to the scene around 5 p.m. Saturday and told two groups of people were engaged in violent activity. When they arrived, they separated the groups and worked to de-escalate the situation, noting “many of those involved were brandishing weapons.” A video of the scene posted online showed men with bats and sticks.
The confrontation may be related to similar Eritrean conflicts that have been occurring in cities around the world, including a recent riot in Edmonton in mid-August.
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The Edmonton Journal/Edmonton Sun reported that incident was a chaotic scene with few if any parallels in Edmonton’s history: hundreds of men clashing on a field — some in blue, others in orange — carrying sticks and poles flying brightly coloured flags. The conflict pitted members of the city’s Eritrean community against one another and led officers to take the rare step of proclaiming the Riot Act.

Police responded, during which stones, bricks and other objects were hurled at officers in riot gear.

The chaos began at a field in west Edmonton, where organizers had planned events for the annual Eritrean Festival.
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Similar protests involving rival Eritrean groups have been also popping up in other countries.