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    Hot off the Presses.... N I G G E R S....

    The invasion continues ...

    2000 census had our small upstate New York city pegged at under 2 percent of the feral beasts... 20 years later and we've hit 5 percent. I've been away for the better part of those 23 years and the changes have been telling on my return. All of it negative. Below is the 'Police Blotter' page from our local rag. Two significant criminal cases involving both violent crime and drugs.... AND IT'S NIGGERS DOING THE DAMAGE... Two pictures posted, two filthy niggers... Estimates of filthy black beasts being responsible for upward of 80 percent of violent and property crimes are on-target. Enough of these filthy apes destroying everything they come in contact with..

    Read'm and weep....

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I'm not surprised, Kagman. The only answer is to live in a state that allows you to defend yourself against these revolting beasts.

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    Niggers are just as much a plague on society as their enablers the libtards. I'm sorry your city is being destroyed by this infestation. I would say vote out the assholes responsible, but NY has had the fix in for generations now.

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