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    For Ice Tea and a Donut....

    Love watching Heavy Duty Country's Youpuke channel. Here's a story for ya:

    Nigger robber willing to kill 3 bystanders over ice tea and a donut, Gas station attendant willing to WATCH 3 bystanders die over ice tea and a donut. And people are astonished by this. Well there's nothing astonishing about it. You can't expect a soulless beast who has no concept of compassion and the virulent hatred of ALL life to give a fraction of a shit about 3 bystander's lives, especially if they are fellow niggers.
    YEP! Black Lives Matter!

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    I like stories where no humans are victimized. Sand niggers/asslifters and groids offing each other is just good entertainment.

    They are all dumbasses, but it made for a good 5 minute story.

    "Ash"-lifter Al-Hassan Aiyash has gotten his "ash" in a sling for a long time over what? $4 and a nigger..

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    $4 for nigger bat wings ? Damn, that's expensive !
    Tough on niggers and the causes of niggers !

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