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    Retarded Special Olympics she boon Kymera accepted to 19 colleges, 9 which are all expenses paid

    CPS student with autism awarded 18 college acceptances and nine full-ride scholarships

    Eleven years ago, she was diagnosed with autism. Eight years ago, doctors told her that she could not compete academically with her classmates.

    But six months ago, Kymera Mitchell, 18, received her first college acceptance letter. More acceptances and full-ride scholarships followed for the graduating senior from Alcott College Prep in North Center. Now, she has 18 acceptances and nine full-ride scholarships.

    Kymera’s mom, Kalaveeta Mitchell, said the impact of her daughter’s autism become pervasive during moments of stress — at times interfering with comprehension and causing her to stop speaking.
    Kalaveeta....ha ha ha lol

    This college application season, Mitchell was rewarded with acceptances from several of the nation’s most selective HBCUs, such as Howard University and Hampton University, along with many Chicago schools, such as DePaul University, Loyola University and School of the Art Institute.
    Them quotas must be hard to fill these days. Niggers just don't wanna go to college.

    Kalaveeta Mitchell recalls knowing in her daughter’s early childhood that she was capable of much more than what doctors predicted. Coming home from school, Kymera Mitchell would “rattle off” everything that she learned, walking her mother through the intricacies of the math and reading that she had explored during the day.
    Dem maffs an' readins.

    But evidence of Kymera’s prowess was not limited to the classroom. On a typical Saturday, she can be found working on a drawing or, just as casually, competing for a medal in the Special Olympics. As a skilled bocce, floor hockey and track and field competitor, she’s won 33 … and counting.
    A 'giftud afflete' in the Special Olympics. Now, I can believe that.
    Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to avoid every nigger you meet.

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    Kymera or whatever the fuck it's name is, it's headed for the best historically black college or university: NU. Nigger University does offer full ride nigger scholarships. Sometimes for life, which is an unbeatable value. Society benefits from NU students, as long as they remain students. NU doesn't require maffs or racist English.

    My left thumb has forgotten more than this nigger will ever know.

    Now it's mom, Kalaveeta, must have had a hankering for Kalamata olives and Velveeta fake cheese to ever come up with that ridiculous name. Nowhere in the original niggerlands will a she-ape have a name like that. Dumb 40 IQ vermin.
    Coalburning is bestiality.

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    A chimera has the head of a lion, the body of a goat, and the tail of a serpent. Kymera is your standard
    buffalo/gorilla hybrid. The white girl wig / retard hat combo is comedy gold.
    She is Howard U cheerleader material, for sure...

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    These Cooniversities can't wait to wheel these ' special ' niggers around as their prized pets ! Even the dumbest of students can see that they're being fooled. My kid knows they are attempting to brain wash him, but he can't challenge the status quo as " I need to get my grades dad ! " - but the good news is, he's wise to the system. Sometimes you have to play the game to get where you need to be. It's a wicked old world I'm afraid.
    Tough on niggers and the causes of niggers !

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