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    My reformed wigger friend

    Just a little funny story i thought i would share. Many years ago when I was a much younger nigger hater I had two friends. They were brothers. Nothing special about these guys, just a couple of guys I went to school with. Now these two guys had a younger brother. He was probably around 6-8 years younger than us. Being the youngest he was the baby of the family, and was treated very much as such. The day this kid turned 16 his parents went out and bought him a brand new car-this was probably around 1992-1994. They bought this 16 year old a brand new Mustang GT. Meanwhile his brothers were driving beaters that they pretty much paid for themselves. Now you probably are wondering well how does this fit in with things here? This kid was a big time wigger. Loved rap, loved everything nigger. This was in the time when that one stupid nigger was running around with a clock tied around its neck. He made him one as well. Just took a ordinary clock, spray painted it gold and attached it to a gold chain and would wear that around. Would wear those huge baggy pants niggers wore in the 80s-90s. This kid was a total embarrassment. No sooner than he got this car he did what all niggers do. He actually yanked out the back seat of this brand new car to make room for those huge speakers. Every spare inch from the back side of the front seats all the way to the trunk area was covered with some sort of speaker. You could hear him coming for miles, playing Vanilla Ice or one of his nigger heroes. Constant nigger music all the time. I could not stand going to their house because of this punk. His parents, they said it was just a phase and he would outgrow it.

    Well, he outgrew it the hard way. This car was probably less than 6 months old and he wrecked it. Totaled it. And guess what? His parents bought him another car to replace it. Oh, but it wasn't a mustang this time. They had gotten tired of his nonsense as well. They bought him a old used 1980ish Chrysler K car. This thing was the ugliest orange color you could imagine. Told him if he wanted to get around he would be driving that until he learned to take care of things.

    I see him from time to time, amazingly he has put all of that behind him. He says he can not stand rap music now, he only listens to country. So maybe his parents were right. He did outgrow it. We still give him a hard time about how he acted as a teen. So maybe-just maybe there is hope for that cousin or nephew you might have. As long as they don't go past the point of no return (burning or drilling) maybe they can change.

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    justin igger
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    I cannot stand the ones that shuck and jive like niggers and only talk in niggerese. They make me physically ill with their bullshit. They are total fucking pencil necked pussies as well.

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    Generally there are a few things that cure wiggerism. Death, a long stretch in NU, or mommy and daddy cutting off the funds.

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