With Title 42 expired, we are under invasion as we speak. They may not mechanical weapons per se, but they bring biological filthy, disease, and pathogens that will needlessly expose us to get sick. They bring illicit drugs, criminals, rapists, who have been repeat offenders. They will be attacking your communities too, with homelessness, crime, mooching, and will tax our already strapped medical systems.

When did border niggers ever been positive? Same as niggers, they take much more in proportion to their so-called contributions. And what always see is the ACLU fighting for their "rights". Truth it, these pieces of shit have 0 rights from their shithole, and all of a sudden they are entitled to rights, and now our equals? Can't even form one sentence of English, and now they are given consideration?

The ACLU is pressuring Brandon to allow safe passage and "legal ways" to come in. Look, without an application, without paperwork, without adherence to rule of law, these are true enemies of freedom in every sense of the word. Their freedom impinges on our freedoms. And we're supposed to just take it?

Everyone knows, Dems want to convert these rats to vote, so how does that guarantee fairness? It would take a thousand years for these dimwits to even understand the concept and lawfulness of the US, and they be given the sacred right to vote?

Guess what, some of them will be going to Canada and Alaska, for sure. No one in their right mind would accept a border nigger.