I've always thought of John James Audubon (JJA) nothing more than a scientist who had the great ability to illustrate birds and other animals. During his time, he'd be called a "naturalist". So I have a great respect for the man.

Lately, I've been reading more that he was a racist, who owned and sold slaves. He used science to further his views that some beings are inferior. By this standard, even good ol' Abe Lincoln is a racist. So are many illustrious men who followed, like Livingstone, Stanley, von Humboldt, Linneaus, etc. So IMO it is unfair to discredit them based on their views of the time. Liberals say, "there were anti-slavery people then", yes, they were, BUT I guarantee you they didn't think niggers are our equals, that they'd allow their children to miscegenate freely. So by that yardstick, yes, they were also racists.

I actually now have a greater admiration for the man, because he knew them what we know today, the scientific proof that niggers aren't of our own species. Science is about facts. Facts about observed behavior. There will be magics, but the majority of blacks are idiots in thinking. No politics will change those facts,just the narrative does, so society can feel good we've advanced as human beings.

I strenuously disagree, because the facts of today speak for themselves. Any nigger empires? Philosophy, math, science? How about art and culture? No one wants to challenge this for fear of losing their income and status. Dr. Crick of DNA fame said he wish it wasn't so, but he thought whites are smarter than blacks. So he's lost his prestige, $, endowments, etc. He even had to sell his Nobel prize medal.

Intellectually, morally, and everything else human, I remain convinced that blacks are far from human attributes, so I suppose, we're racists, but we know we're not. We're speciests. Neglect facts, neglect truths, then the situation is unsolvable. And that's the great challenge of our species today.