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    2 Stank ugly Sowboon nursing home assistants in coonstody after whipping elderly human to the ground

    These ho's got nothing better to do. Hey let's go beat up defenseless old YT, and get paid for it !

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    I will bite a bullet before living in a nursing home with niggers “taking care” of me. This is exactly what niggers love, weak, helpless humans to assault.

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    Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to avoid every nigger you meet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DavidAllenNiggertoe View Post
    These ho's got nothing better to do. Hey let's go beat up defenseless old YT, and get paid for it !

    Those sows look like twins, with their matching lace fronts.

    On my court shows, every single sow who is a "home health aide" or "Nursing assistant" is without exception brutal, violent, hypersexual and illiterate. "Home health aide" is what sows become when they can't do anything else but make the unusual decision to actually work. The requirements to get such jobs are so basic a chimpanzee could qualify. I'd rather have a chimp looking after me!

    As Judge Judy advised her audience after listening to sick-making crimes perpetrated against their helpless victims and disgusting sexual stuff engaged in by these nigger sluts, "Take your vitamins, folks!"
    "Give niggers positions of responsibility and power to prove "they are just like us!" and results will always be the same - muh dik and disaster for humans."

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