it might just be me, but I had to ask our community to double check.
I've been noticing it a lot lately:
Mostly from comments on social media and nigger comedians like Eddie Griffin and Chris Rock. Pushing for interracial babies, they keep saying we need to "unite the world."
Wtf? I thought niggers wanted us all dead? Now they think they're going to breed us out?
Hate to break it to the niggers, but niggers in America are pretty light skinned AND we outnumber them.
It's pretty damn noticeable. So much so that niggers talk about going to Africa and being discriminated against because even the homeland niggers can smell them out with their fat jenkem-filled monkey nostrils.
Even if they did manage to make a bunch of cross bred nigglets, guess what? Those niggers face even WORSE discrimination, even among themselves.
Because half of one nigger brain is still half a nigger brain. And whoever the nigger bred with is spoiled goods, ruining their chances at good offspring and for what?

I guess it's the niggers that are the scared ones, no surprise Trevor "I want to bang Lardi B" Noah is full of shit. I wouldn't push to cross breed unless my people were threatened. Remember the most valuable lesson of fear: If someone is afraid of something, they either try to destroy it or get it to work for them.
And I don't see any white people pushing for mixed babies. Not even the ones breeding with niggers, just a lot of deep-seated regret.