Here an example of how evil and White / Christian hating western media and politics are:

Yesterday, a crazy guy killed seven people in a Jehovah's Witnesses church in Germany. Of course that's bad etc., but it was a case of "domestic violence" ("relationship violence"? I am not exactly sure what's the correct description here, the guy was expelled from the Jehovah's Witnesses and snapped).
The suspect was an indigenous white male, and he didn't attack bystanders or random people. These kinds of things are absolutely rare, I'd guess that happens every 10 years or so.
Of course all the German-speaking media, the chancellor, interior minister etc. of Germany, Austria etc. gave statements. Special broadcasts on every major TV station, news outlet etc. → evil Whiteness, evil Christians, evil Germans, evil white Males etc.

Also in Germany, also yesterday, a rapefugee from Syria without driver license killed three random people on the streets → no special broadcast, hardly any newspaper reports it, and of course: The nigger is called a "Mercedes driver". Even though sand-niggers do these things on a daily base, media doesn't care, no outcry, nothing: "Go ahead, nothing to see here."

Don't get me wrong, neither do I want to downplay things or compare the number of killed people, nor do I want to defend anyone. I just wanted to point out how crazy the double-standards of politics and media are when different types of people are affected.