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    Question from long term substitute teacher application.....

    The following screen capture is from woke-fuxxed long term substitute teaching application from a school district in a liberal cesspool of a state. First, know that there is NARY A NIGGER TO BE FOUND in this entire school district. But here's woke bullshit on full display and demanding that even substitute teachers tow the filthy liberal woke line... The application reads: ~Describe your experiences with 'Institutional Racism... I'd say the question ridiculous on its face, but such insanity is found nation wide and, in my view, is one of the lead reasons this nation now scores 27th out of the 35 industrialized countries testing in mathematics. So 'ridiculous' is the wrong word. 'Tragic' is more like it.

    The reality is Institutional Racism DOES exist... Ivy league schools tack on a full FOUR HUNDRED POINTS to niggers' SAT scores who apply to their schools. Civil Service exams regularly consider 60 percent passing for baboons while holding the bar at 80 percent for humans. Everywhere niggers are being coddled and Whites are openly and egregiously discriminated against. With such outrage, the nation becomes both less fair and less competitive. Clear thinkers on this board see it happening all over this nation. A damn shame. To be sure, I'm not applying for this position. Education has turned into such a minefield I'd end up a statistic before my first week was out. I run a tight ship and demand much from my students. I put up with zero bullshit. Such an educational philosophy flies full in the face of woke efforts to destroy this nation. And, to be sure, that destruction is only gaining speed.... Oh well... I do miss the classroom. Although I've done tons of other shit, it's the job I enjoyed the most.

    yep.. hardly a nigger in the entire district, and here it is in all it's woke glory:

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