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    Game of Thrones Creators Seek to Demonize Southern Whites...Again

    Keep watching that idiot box, folks, just keep watching...

    Titled*Confederate, the series explores an alternate history of America in which the South succeeded in seceding from the Union during the Civil War, and in which slavery is still legal and has become an accepted institution,*according to*Deadline.

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    Well that'll stir the niggers and coddlers up when it comes out. Get ready for more stories of violence against whites that will get covered up.

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    justin igger
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    Might be some funny meme worthy material if they go through with it.

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    This will turn the feral niggers into something else. Best be careful when it comes out.

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    People and niggers are pissed, but not for reasons you'd assume. They're mad because it's produced by two white guys

    Never, EVER try to appease niggers! Even cucking out completely doesn't satisfy dindus and Democrats.

    The creators of Game of Thrones are facing criticism after announcing a new drama, set in a world where slavery is still legal.

    It's called Confederate and they say it "chronicles the events leading to the Third American Civil War".

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