I can understand foreign people hating the US Gov because they ship niggers to their country and export depravity. But picking on our HUMAN troops is not something I condone nor find amusing. On the bright side, it appears that the white troops actually found the guy to be hilarious and even stopped the nigger from chimping on him.
Video link via twitter.
Black U.S. Soldier Told to 'Stay Away From Those White Women' in Video

Four individuals, all wearing army camouflage uniforms with an American flag on them, are seen walking through a shopping center that is allegedly in Poland.

The individual recording the video repeatedly attempts to antagonize the soldiers and insists they aren't welcome in Poland. Newsweek hasn't been able to independently verify where the footage was taken or when it occurred.

User Havoc Six, who is a U.S. Army Engineer and Captain, according to his Twitter bio, praised the soldiers for not engaging with the person recording, despite their frustrations.

"Leadership. Just a little bit ago, this video popped on my feed. It shows a man hurling racist insults and other comments towards a group of U.S. Army Soldiers, presumably somewhere in Poland," the Twitter user wrote as a caption.