I go up the road not even a mile to a shithole Dollar General to get a single bag of chips for the day. Not like I’d shop there for anything other than a commodity, but I made dip last night and ran out of chips. Walk over to the checkout and stand behind the person ahead of me. Then this shrimp size nigger comes walking right in front of me to the next register that didn’t even seem open. Gal opens it up and starts checking his items. Since I’m not on the clock I asked the chimp: “you realize that you just walked right in front of me?” the chimp just looks back and laughs nervously. I then said: “whats so fucking funny nigger! Would you like me to pull your pants up for you?”
Then the gal behind the counter then interjects: “Sorry Sir, he was already in line, he just needed to get another item.” (So I’m sir? What’s the niggers surname?)
The chimp then shuffled off with his pants around his ankles. But then I got to see him and his brood as I walked out. Sherilla driving and 2 niglets in the back. (It now made sense that 1 of those little fucks ran into my leg while I was looking for my brand.) I gave them all a solid middle finger while they could all see my hand on my lawgiver in case they needed to be civilized.
The End. Just needed to vent. I feel better already. Gonna have a bourbon now. Rural PA has always been a respite. But now even 1 nigger brood just fucked the entire area.