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    TikTok should be called NigTok

    Because there are so many young, loud, and obnoxious shit-apes. There are a lot of gays on it as well, and a lot of gay niggers.

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    I actually call it SpookTok...... I noticed the same. Or fuckin' trannies and fuckin' woketards with purple hair, whining about they have a tiny dick, or their mom gets pissed at them for being a general loser and using her dildo and not washing it before putting back in rubber dick storage. These people are complete wastes of good quality sperm. They should have been drowned in the fuckin' toilet at birth......

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    Niggers do ruin everything. Everything then touch turns to shit. The nigger infection. Niggers have no place on this earth. If it wasn't for the stupid white man keeping them furnished in clown shoes and bananas, then they'd be eating and muh-dikkin each other with impunity in the 'first world' continent of Africa.

    Do silly niggers truly think that other races will put up with their nigger-Uncle-Tom-foolerly when 'ol whitey becomes extinct ? Well I guess I answered my own question with the verb ' think ' !!
    Tough on niggers and the causes of niggers !

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