This news story:

A white former police officer charged in the fatal shooting of a Black man at a Texas gas station two years ago was acquitted of murder Thursday, the officer’s lawyer said.
While it's nice that someone realized the nigger needed to be made good, when did we EVER see "Black man murders White woman/man/child." EVER?

When niggers kill humans it often takes a lot of digging to find out the groid perp. I guess killing niggers is a terrible, shameful act, like killing some endangered species?

And why isn't the "w" in "white" capitalized? I shouldn't read this crap. It makes me crazy.

The dead groid's sow sister is nigger-whining about the jury:

"There was not one person that looked like me,” said Sabrina Price, who is Black, referring to the jury, according to the station.
I'm pretty sure they're all thrilled they look nothing like this he/she sheboon:
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Price, the nigger, a former college football player,
Yeah, so? Does that mean any niggroe who played feetsball has to be innocent of any crimes?