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    They aren't exactly saying it, but niggers are the problem

    This is a guest piece that made the local news in my neck of the woods. They don't quite come out and say it, but it's pretty obvious just who that 'element' is, they are talking about. There's a referendum coming up for vote that will mean a tax hike to pay for more cops, and there is plenty of naysayers too, I'll have to find it, but someone else wrote a guest article for the same news, saying that liberal judges and a liberal justice system is the real problem, the tax hike would not be needed if they stopped letting criminals go. I have to say, I agree. Washington County might get a tax hike because of the libtards in Milwaukee.
    With the en masse scrapping of steam locomotives in the 1960s, it seems we got rid of the wrong type of coalburner.

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    Just like how libtards take their voting habits with them, niggers coming from cities they ruined bring their destruction with them.
    The nigger population in the city I live in is still fairly low but the low income “projex” have been popping up so I expect the first few nigger crime issues to start popping up within the next 3 years or so.
    People won’t realize how much of a plague niggers are until it has spread to the whole state and it’s too late to look for stronger methods of keeping them out. So of course the costs of nigger chaos get passed on to the taxpayers.
    Just keep these pieces of shit locked up for longer, and how about more niggers per cell? You can fit a dozen niggers instead of 2 in a cell. Or even better, deport their asses back to Africa.
    Niggers are the parasites of humanity; Thousands of years and they've only brought misery to the earth.

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