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    Missouri Family Says Racism Led to Pool Party Cancellation

    The water park says the family invited too many people for the event to be safe.
    The post Missouri Family Says Racism Led to Pool Party Cancellation appeared first on American Renaissance.


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    It's an interesting story and one pool/water park managers have to be very careful with. My daughter was a life guard at a nigger infested northeastern university. There was an entire training segment she had to take given on niggers before they even let her in the pool. There are always 3 life guards on duty at the pool with one usually doing maintenance/mechanical/disinfection work (chlorine adjustments, cleaning filters, etc) EXCEPT when a nigger gets in the pool. When ever niggers show up - it's all hands on-deck. All three lifeguards must be in their stands watching the water.

    Now this is funny... The pool administration/trainers refused to acknowledge that nig-nogs have up-armored bone structure and skulls AND THEREFORE SINK (See: Rockfish). Instead, they claimed 'Ray-Cissss!!" is responsible for niggers sinking like a stone because they never got the swimming lessons Whites get. Yep.. According to these people, Whites are responsible for why niggers sink like the sack of shit they are.

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