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    Stealthily, the Bat Fairy takes down Muhammad right as he gives an important speech (hilarious video!)

    Saudi businessman Muhammad Al-Qahtani dies mid-speech in shocking video

    Shocking video has captured the moment a businessman collapsed and died while giving a speech at a conference in Egypt.

    Muhammad Al-Qahtani, a Saudi businessman reportedly residing in the United Arab Emirates, was giving a speech at the speaking at the Arab-African Conference in Cairo on Monday when he appeared to lose consciousness and fall over backward.

    Al-Qahtani was chairman of the board of Al-Salam Holding Company and reportedly held a number of honorary positions as a goodwill ambassador.
    Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to avoid every nigger you meet.

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    Where's your precious Allah now, sand nigger?

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    Aloha snack bar, dune coon.
    We do not have a gun problem in America, we have a nigger problem

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    R.I.H. goat-fucker!

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