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    Dawan be all like that underage boon found a condom I masturbated into and got herself pregnant an' sheeit

    Missouri man who killed 9-year-old son convicted of sex crimes involving ex-wife's underage relatives

    A Missouri dad who was convicted last month of killing his 9-year-old son in 2003, was convicted Wednesday of sex crimes involving underage girls, including one whom he impregnated.

    A St. Louis County jury found Dawan Ferguson guilty of multiple sex crimes involving his ex-wife’s underage relatives, St. Louis' FOX 2 reported.
    The victim, now 26, testified that she tried to get an abortion but was unsuccessful. Ferguson reportedly impregnated her a second time, but the victim terminated the pregnancy. Ferguson told the jurors Wednesday the child had found a used condom he had masturbated into and used it to impregnate herself, the Riverfront Times reported.
    Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to avoid every nigger you meet.

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    Niggers's depravity never disappoints!
    Niggers: "The next to lowest form of life on the planet."

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    Is that really the story you want to go with?

    You means to tells me dat you nebbah fired off yo sewer babeez into a banana burka and forgot to flush only to have yo wife lil' sistuh fish dat shit out duh terlitt cuz she thought it was her tea-bag dat done fell out?

    Dat shit happen all duh time wit black foak, nigga!
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    Niggers are so smart! they come up with the most credible alibis!……Not! lol!

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