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    An Idea To Be Encouraged

    I hope this idea takes off in a big way....

    Niggers are terrified of segregation of any kind, because they know full well that nigger teachers with nigger pupils will never reach anywhere near the level of their white counterparts.
    Notice the excuses this nigger newsreader gives as to why this shouldn't happen. She knows deep in her mind what her real objections are; she just doesn't want to face them!

    Let's have segregation in every area of life - I'm fine with that!

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    Iím glad that nigger authors picture is right at the top of the article. That says more than the entire article. Hereís another old article about niggers holding entire school performances back.

    Itís not exactly a big secret that schools with higher nigger populations hold the unfortunate humans back. The article naturally still blames under qualified teachers, outdated textbooks, and lack of access to technology. Hilarious.
    First off, qualified teachers would not last long teaching hyper violent teenapers. Theyíd probably encourage the human students to get the hell out of those schools!
    Second, outdated text books? That is hilarious. Niggers donít even want to learn how to read. You could have magic spell books, and it still wouldnít matter. They canít read it, and if you try to teach them they wonít listen anyway.
    Lack of access to technology? What do niggers do with technology other than look at porn, record cRap, and record public chimpouts hoping for a ghetto lawsuit?
    Those excuses also donít explain the hilariously high truancy rates of niggers, so even if you had these theoretically perfect nigger teaching conditions- they still wonít show up anyway!
    Niggers are the parasites of humanity; Thousands of years and they've only brought misery to the earth.

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