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    What I Learned About Race As A Cop

    Great piece and a must read. I would not want to be a cop in this age of rampant nigger and liberal unearned privilege.

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    I shoot at a gun club where many law enforcement officers are members. I’ve associated with many of them over the years. They’ve all expressed how having to deal with a nigger makes their job dreadful .Niggers are dumb,lazy,disrespectful and irresponsible. And worse than that!

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    Before I worked transit security many years ago, I spent a year as an IT technician for a municipal police department. I resigned, the "politics" got too much do deal with. During that year, I got to know many patrolmen and detectives, most of whom are retired now, a few still work there though. THe burn out from dealing with nigger nests (There were a lot in the city I lived in, it was a northern suburb of Chicago, and when Cabrini Green was torn down, some of them got shipped out to a new section 8 ghetto nest built in our town. Yeah. It was pretty bad) is very real. Even the libtard of a police chief we had at the time conceded that patrol zones needed to be set and rotated so an officer doesn't have to work certain neighborhoods for too long. The public reason the libtard gave was to better aquaint the community with its officers, but the real reason was so that cops didn't get burned out dealing with nonstop monkeyshines every day.

    Working transit security, at least part of the job is that guards don't have assigned routes, we can be anywhere we feel we need to be. That way, it would appear buses randomly had guards on board. It also meant if I or another guard had to deal with a very stressful situation, we were free to board a bus that might be a bit more peaceful. It was management's way of helping us avoid burnout. Anyone else here know how mentally exhausting it is to deal with a shrieking, screaming, violent sheboon who demands a free ride? Yeah. One of those, and a "cooldown" hour is pretty much a necessity.

    Interestingly we had little trouble with Hispanics on our buses, except for the spiggers, the hispanic kids who emulate niggers. That's a given though. Anyone emulating a nigger is going to be a problem. But what the article said about the drug and booze issues, yeah, the cops I knew said the same thing. Only, a couple of them felt the niggers were part of that problem. Take the niggers out of the equasion and the alcohol and especially the drug problem would disappear. The vast majority of problems in society do boil down to niggers as the root.
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