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    Emmett Till fambly demands arrest of the victim after old warrant supposedly found

    JACKSON, Miss. (AP) — A team searching a Mississippi courthouse basement for evidence about the lynching of Black teenager Emmett Till has found the unserved warrant charging a white woman in his 1955 kidnapping, and relatives of the victim want authorities to finally arrest her nearly 70 years later.

    A warrant for the arrest of Carolyn Bryant Donham — identified as “Mrs. Roy Bryant” on the document — was discovered last week by searchers inside a file folder that had been placed in a box, Leflore County Circuit Clerk Elmus Stockstill told The Associated Press on Wednesday.
    “Serve it and charge her,” Teri Watts told the AP in an interview.
    Donham set off the case in August 1955 by accusing the 14-year-old Till of making improper advances at a family store in Money, Mississippi. A cousin of Till who was there has said Till whistled at the woman, an act that flew in the face of Mississippi's racist social codes of the era.

    Evidence indicates a woman, possibly Donham, identified Till to the men who later killed him. The arrest warrant against Donham was publicized at the time, but the Leflore County sheriff told reporters he did not want to “bother” the woman since she had two young children to care for.

    Now in her 80s and most recently living in North Carolina, Donham has not commented publicly on calls for her prosecution. But Teri Watts said the Till family believes the warrant accusing Donham of kidnapping amounts to new evidence.

    1. I don't believe for a second the warrant is genuine. The niggers just happened to find it?

    2. Statute of limitations.

    3. Most importantly, she was a victim here. Talk about a travesty of justice.

    The Lame Stream Media always has to lie that Till (whose pappy we remember was convicted and hanged during WWII for rape and murder) merely "whistled," when the nigger in fact was pawing and molesting the woman right there.

    If Donham is prosecuted, then every living relative of Till should also be prosecuted for aiding and abetting attempted rape. It should be the good old-fashioned penalty: death by hanging for the rapist and all enablers. Capital punishment for rape was a highly effective deterrent for all rapists, humans as well as niggers, so there's nothing "racist" about it.
    We know the world is messed up when a Kenya-born Muslim returns as President, Snowden fled to HK and Russia to escape the U.S. govt, George Zimmerman was put on trial, Colin Kapernick was GQ's Citizen of the Year, Dems steal a presidential election, and BLM is nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

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    There are laws, and there are unwritten laws. Laws of nature. No nigger has the right to degrade and whistle at a white woman in the South back then. Actually I think niggers have no business trying to mix with any human. It's the law against beastiality. It's a transgression on the same level as homosexuality.

    Lust is what propels the nigger species. What nigger Till did was crossing the line, then, and now.

    I wonder if the niggers will be using this as another pretext for more rioting.
    Coalburning is bestiality.

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    This "found" warrant is about as legitimate as the "found" boxes of ballots, all mysteriously with 100% votes for Biden, in swing states in the 2020 election. This "team" should be arrested for fraud and attempting to incite a lynching of an old white woman.

    Also, the controlled fake news media story (from Yahoo, rabidly anti-white even by media standards) blatantly lies about Carolyn Bryant Donham. Nigger Till grabbed her and said he wanted to "get with" (AKA rape) her. He didn't merely "whistle" at her. Even so, Ms. Bryant tried to keep the whole incident hushed up because she didn't want to start any trouble. However, in a small town, word eventually gets out. Ms. Bryant certainly did not try to "set off" the case. Also, the story about the sheriff giving her a pass because she was white is another flagrant lie. The sheriff didn't arrest her because she hadn't committed any crime.

    The two men who "took care of business" with nigger Till were arrested, tried, and rightly found innocent by a jury of their peers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anastasia View Post
    This "found" warrant is about as legitimate as the "found" boxes of ballots, all mysteriously with 100% votes for Biden, in swing states in the 2020 election. .
    Good to see you posting again.... And, to be sure... That's EXACTLY what happened - all for Biden... You forgot to mention, however, that there were only 3 different identifiable handwriting styles on all those ballots. Only 3 for hundreds of ballots...

    Nahhhhh polling integrity! Never a problem!!!!

    Fort Sumter is now in the rear-view mirror...

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    I'm not buying it either. This warrant all of a sudden shows up after 70 years? Even if it did, alot of papers are provisionally drawn up for a case. They are then discarded. It happens all the time. Back then there were no computers so everything was typed out on paper.

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    No witnesses.No evidence.Boons just wanting to fuck with a human.

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