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    $200 Billion over 5 years

    Thats what that nigger loving democrap POS Biden has pledged to contribute at the G7, to BS projects around the world. $2 Billion going to Angola, a pure nigger country in aperica....for a solar energy project...millions to Senegal for vaccinations....$600 million for a communications under sea cable between France and Singapore...

    That senile bastard could do so much for $50 B a year right here in this country....instead of throwing it away on green-bullshit-issues and niggers...just think of all the $$$'s that have been thrown at niggers for waste

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    I was curious about this so I found a link that describes what Joey is trying to do. It's interesting how he wants to do all kinds of things in other nations that he has no interest in doing in the USA.

    President Biden will release a Presidential Memorandum to execute the PGII across four priority pillars that will define the second half of the 21st century.

    This includes:

    Tackling the climate crisis and bolstering global energy security through investments in climate resilient infrastructure, transformational energy technologies, and developing clean energy supply chains across the full integrated lifecycle, from the responsible mining of metals and critical minerals; to low-emissions transportation and hard infrastructure; to investing in new global refining, processing, and battery manufacturing sites; to deploying proven, as well as innovative, scalable technologies in places that do not yet have access to clean energy.

    Advancing gender equality and equity—from care infrastructure that increases opportunities for economic participation by transgender women, to improved water and sanitation infrastructure that addresses gender gaps in unpaid work and time use – in order to boost the global economic recovery by ensuring that half the population is not forced to sit on the sidelines.
    Admittedly, it sounds like most of these things should improve things in Niggerland, but I think Joey should be spending our American dollars on Americans, not niggers. I know this will probably make me sound like a monster, but Joey and the Demonrats would probably get more votes if he was willing to use that money to build gas and diesel refineries in the USA, and maybe combat the Chimpbabwe levels of inflation in the USA.

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    Agree with you 1000%

    The leftist politicians & Zionist media do all they can to destroy America.
    African countries are governed by niggers & African countries are the poorest & undeveloped & uncivilized countries in the world. Their nigger corrupt leaders keep all US aid money for themselves & our leftist politicians know this.
    As you said, we can use that money here in America.
    But it’s no different than our tax dollars going to nigger programs in America. No amount will make them change.
    I’ve been to over 50 countries & the ones that have dominate black populations (Jamaica & Dominican Republic to name a couple) are always the worst ones (100% their fault). Nobody’s working, they’re trying to sell you drugs, they have huge crime rates.
    They are the same all over the world. It’s in their DNA!

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    Might as well light this money on fire. This pisses me off so bad. Throwing money at niggers is the most idiotic thing you can do. When I was a kid, my mom gave a homeless nigger 5 bucks for it to go buy food. We spot the nigger walking out of a liquor store 5 minutes later with a 40 ounce beverage of its choice. You cannot help niggers!

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    That cocksucker Joe Biden hates America! He loves the fact that he’s bringing us down to our knees. Something needs to be done!

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    Solar energy project in Angola? I didn't know you need electricity to use a pointy stick or make jenkum.

    Niggers using any gadget that requires electricity should be considered as cultural APEpropriation.

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