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    Thoughts as this Nation Moves Forward....

    All of us here on Chimpout are thoughtful, clear thinking individuals who care deeply for the US (or their respective nations) and look forward to a thriving nation where intelligence and/or hard work moves us ever forward into prosperity. However, Everyone from the Postman to PhD educated political guns have bemoaned the loss of discourse and common ground that is essential for a nation to move forward in a positive direction. We see the effects of this schism daily. On a personal level, I have lost dear dear friends who I've been through the wars with over our differing views on the 2020 election and the installation of that Alzheimer's addled buffoon in the White House. I deeply miss one of those friends to this day. We see it on the national stage in the form of Federal Kangaroo Court investigating an 'insurrection' that resulted in precisely 3 broken windows and some rearranged furniture - and the murder of a white, female veteran by a murdering nigger cop. This while the true Insurrectionists burnt and looted their way through most American cities to the tune of no less than FOUR BILLION DOLLARS in damages.

    Shifting from the political to the social, how does one enter into a cogent discussion with someone who believes men can get pregnant? This is not some backwater view of the radical left. Nuclear submarines (and other warships, I'm sure) are being designed for the disposal of male menstrual products. There is a move underfoot in the DemonRAT congress that would allow for leave for male Federal employees who are 'pregnant'. Already the DoD is funding disfiguring and mutilating medical 'treatments' in an attempt to make a man appear like a woman. Google is now prompting users of it's popular on-line word processing suite away from the term 'pregnant woman' to 'birthing person' in order not to minimize delusional men who somehow believe they can carry a fetus. All of these examples are clear and striking departures from reality.

    So what? Why aren't you bashing niggers like a good Chimper, you ask??? Well, I'll bash them below but I bring these stark realities up because how, in God's Good Name, do we engage in meaningful debate with people who reside in a world so divorced from reality? How can you take another's argument seriously on issues as mundane as road placement, police spending, the construction of water plants, school curricula and the like when they have absolutely left the World of Reason and engage in outright psychotic behavior??? Another example of this psychotic behavior can be found in the Left's views on the nigger beast... "They're just like us" they say as they add a full 400 points to their SAT scores so the can compete for placement in top universities. This, too, is a complete departure from reality and is accepted as normal. In answer to the postulate in the second sentence, first paragraph, above... There can be no common ground. There can be no fruitful discourse with such people and hence our current state of affairs.

    Such conditions where there is complete lack of trust between parties is fertile ground for outright revolution. Outright civil war. Note I am NOT supporting such action but am simply stating that given such chasms in the interpretation of reality the situation can lead to little else....

    Anyway, I'd welcome your thoughts on the matter...

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    I agree with everything you say. That is why for the last four years or so I have come to the conclusion that civil war is coming; first, to the United States, then, who knows where else?
    The real enemy is the white liberal, who either has not the brain matter to see where his ridiculous beliefs are leading us, or subconciously relishes the destruction of his own people.
    There is a fundamental flaw in their thinking; they believe that blacks are white people with black skin.

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