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10 Chicago gang members charged in drug trafficking operation

Ten alleged members and associates of a Chicago street gang are facing federal drug charges after a multi-year investigation busted a heroin and cocaine trafficking ring.

Authorities began investigating three open-air drug markets run by the Four Corner Hustlers street gang in West Garfield Park in 2021, John Lausch Jr., U.S. attorney for the Northern District of Illinois announced Thursday.

According to a federal indictment, Nathaniel Evans, 38, of Aurora, directed the drug trafficking operation and supervised the three open-air markets in the 3900 block of West Jackson Boulevard, the 3900 block of West Van Buren Street and the 4000 block of West Maypole Avenue.

Jarelle Jones, Marquis Jones, Joseph Williams, and Dornell Williams allegedly worked as "shift managers," overseeing drug sales at the illegal markets at various times of the day, the indictment stated.
Nathaniel Evans, 38, of Aurora, Jarelle Jones, 24, of Forest Park, Marquis Jones, 29, of Chicago, Devontay Logan, 27, of Chicago, Joseph Williams, 31, of Chicago, Dornell Williams, 34, of Chicago, Teremius Webb, 25, of Chicago, Antonio Fletcher, 40, of Chicago, Kyle Linton, 25, of Chicago, and Maurice Bell, 40, of Chicago were charged with federal drug conspiracy, prosecutors said.
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The investigation, which was led by U.S. Homeland Security officials and Chicago police relying on undercover surveillance, led to the seizure of multiple kilograms of suspected heroin, some of which was laced with fentanyl and cocaine, prosecutors said.