Google: Gay Japanese Butt Pirate who had gay anal sex with niggers celebration day!
IT'S TODAY!  celebrating-kiyoshi-kuromiya-6753651837109801.2-s.png
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Google gets to make up remembrance day holidays for gay minorities you never heard of.
Click the google doodle and watch the animated gay and lesbian nigger & tranny parade of brown and shitskin dykes and queers across your screen!

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A gay nigger buttsex lover extrordinaire. Died of AIDS from so much gay nigger anal sex of which he was the recipient. BARF.

Guys he's a hero. It's what we're fighting for. Here and in Ukraine. So Japan can go balls deep in gay nigger anal sex and celebrate it like we do. I feel so proud to be an American right now.

Can you believe America used to be a country of white people, most of them not gay? How backwards and horrible!

Google sure is enlightened and modern wow! So progressive! Big fan of Google! I wonder how much they paid some gay hipsters to design that doodle and parade.