So, I need to leave for work at 4:45AM, and sometimes I like to stop in at my local Quik Trip for a quick something for breakfast to take with me. This morning was like any other in my area. It was quiet. The roads were empty. I figured that there would be no issues. WRONG! I pull into the Quik Trip parking lot and there is only a Chrysler minivan there. Probably a poor guy who had to buy it to please his soccer-mom wife. WRONG, again! As soon as I walk in, I hear the dreaded sound of nigger-babble. There are two teenapers (or early 20’s…WTF knows?) near the counter, and one Howdy-Doody looking white boy behind the counter. ‘Oh, shit..’ I immediately thought. The two niggers were typical. Both had those stupid dreadlocks. Both looked like dirty mongrels. Both had their pants pulled down to below their smelly asses. And they both smelled of weed, and it was recent. I used to be a Po-Po so believe me…I know the unique smell of stinky-nig and stinky-weed. Now, my nig-dar is dialed up to 9 as I had one eye on what I was trying to do and the other eye on what I hoped that the niggers wouldn’t do.
Now needless to say that the two chimps were ooking and eeking about something. I mean, who the fuck knows what they were babbling about? Anyway, I noticed that the monkeys were almost at the counter so I figured that I had better get close enough that if there were any monkeyshines I would at least be in an advantageous position to help Howdy-Doody. I was about 6-feet behind the niggers and they hadn’t noticed that I was there. As they continued to babble something about ‘Yo! Gibs me all dat sheeit…’ I figured that now would be a good time for a subtle intervention. So I also go up to the counter and I make sure that the niggers know that I am there. It should be noted that at a typical Quik Trip checkout counter, it has one cash register between a left and a right station. I guess it makes for faster processing. So while the niggers are getting just a little louder, I opened the zipper on my sweatshirt just enough so that the very end of my IWB holster and my Sig Sauer P365 were showing. It was amazing how instantly the volume of the ooking and eeking quieted down. Howdy Doody looked at me nervously. I smiled and said “Good morning. Is everything okay today?” in a friendly-enough voice as not to get the niggers all cranked up. I then said to him, “These guys were here before me. Why don’t you ring them up first so that they can get on their way…”. Well, Howdy-Doody did exactly that while I did a slight slide step backwards about a foot or so just to open up a little more room…just in case. Well, you never saw two niggers look to end a transaction quicker than these two did! They pulled up their crimpled-up dollars, paid for their shit, exited the building, got in their minivan, and took off quick. Hell, they never even bothered to turn on their headlights.
With that potential situation now de-escalated, the Howdy-Doddy clone looked at me with an obvious look of relief and mumbled ‘thanks, mister’. Now, I don’t know if anything was going to happen. It probably wasn’t, but it is niggers. They are wild animals, and you know what they say about wild animals. They are wild, and they can turn in a split second. Between my military time and my time as a police officer, I learned that I am no hero. I was just in the right place at the right time, and I did what I perceived to be the right thing. Nobody got hurt, no merchandise was stolen, no pants were crapped, and everybody went on with their day.
It is sad and unfortunate that we are cursed by the presence and existence of niggers. They are good for absolutely nothing. They are a fucking blight on civilized humanity, Gods Vengeance on a wayward people. But as for today, these two niggers didn’t get away with anything.