Sure, many of us learned to hate niggers somewhat recently, with all of the BLM bullshit going on, but for me, it was a true learning experience, back in the days before niggers permeated everything with the stench of fermented jenkem. When I was a young boy, it was rare and extremely unusual for me to encounter niggers for any reason: at school, when going with my parents to grocery stores or restaurants, or pretty much anywhere in the city I grew up in. And then I joined the Army...

That was a real eye opener. I didn't know anything about them at first, but I learned about niggers the hard way. Boy, did I learn.

Niggers were the most disrespectful creatures in the Army, always complaining about having to do work, doing their work poorly or not at all, and always committing the most crimes out of any group. As I moved up the ranks, I learned to hate having niggers in my squad because they would always find excuses to do anything except their jobs, and it was frustrating when I constantly had to fix their fuckups. Any attempt to get them to properly maintain their equipment resulted in failure, and I had to clean up after them. I felt like I was a full-time babysitter for those worthless oxygen thieves, and it was embarrassing, because as they say in the Army, "how a sergeant's squad behaves is a reflection of their leader." I tried so very hard to teach them the basics of being good soldiers, how to be responsible, to take care of themselves, how to groom themselves, how to do their jobs, but it was all for nought. Week after week, year after year, the niggers were constantly destroying everything they touched, and spreading their demon seed and creating bastard niglets that they never raised themselves. I remember one nigger soldier that had 13 niglets, and ended up having virtually no money every paycheck. I remember other niggers that would constantly get drunk and get into fights, sometimes even attacking the local police and the military police. I began to hate niggers.

Eventually, it got to the point where I started looking in the Uniform Code of Military Justice for any excuse I could, to get every single last nigger charged with some kind of crime so they could be kicked out. I felt like an abuse victim, developing facial tics when a nigger was in the vicinity of me, wondering where my knives were, always looking for the nearest exit. I knew then what the problem was: niggers.

I almost died in a few combat situations because niggers were unwilling or unable to do their jobs.

I think the world would be a better place if niggers were banned from all branches of the US military, and banned from being American citizens. Niggers do not deserve to have civil rights or rights of any kind, the protection of American laws (federal, state, or local), and I firmly believe that niggers should not have the right to be in the USA, legally or otherwise. I would rather fight and die alongside an undocumented worker from Mexico before doing the same alongside a nigger.

Niggers are not human and never will be human. They are the stain on the glory and pride of the USA. As far as I am concerned, no nigger will ever be an American citizen, and I would rather be burned alive with napalm before accepting any nigger as an equal. My hatred of niggerkind currently runs so deep that it is my deepest wish that every single nigger in the USA (and its territories) be rounded up and shipped back to Africa. Preferably in boats that have been maintained by niggers and are nigger-rigged to their quality standards.

And I don't think we should merely limit this mass exodus to just the obvious niggers. Albinos and humans that have more that one drop of nigger DNA should also be sent to Africa, as well as any human niggerlovers, coalburners and oildrillers, and their niglets.

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The day all niggers are finally removed from the USA is the day we can move forward and start building a future that we can be proud of.