No promoting or suggesting violence. This includes retribution, retaliation, or revenge, real or hypothetical no matter how angry you are about something. This rule is not limited to niggers and includes political figures and public servants.

No discussion of civil uprising, race war, or the creation and advocation of real-world movements.

No bashing of other races or religions. There are other sites for that. Limit any non-nigger / Muslim bashing to coal burners, oil drillers, or nigger lovers.

Do not start threads or post links promoting unrelated content of other sites. You may share links to related content such as podcasts, blogs, and other nigger hating websites so long as they do not promote violence OR promote your own video clips soliciting donations. No links or sharing of pornography, nigger animal sex, gore, free downloads, warez etc.

Do not share any personal information of yours or anyone else's regardless of their status. What you post here can be seen publicly. If you decide to share your experience in the Yard, keep any details that can identify you or anyone else out of your post.

Keep your posts coherent and intelligible. Excessive nigger babble and prefixing words with "ape" detract from your message.

No flaming or insulting other members publicly. If you want to make it personal, keep it to a PM. Public abuse will not be tolerated. If you have had one too many and might make an ass of yourself, stick to reading instead of posting.

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Fair Use Policy. You may quote a few lines from other sources and post a link to an article here. Do not copy entire articles and paste them as your own. Do not hot link to images hosted on other sites or other copyrighted material. You may upload images here for your thread.

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