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    The mainstream media is gaslighting us...

    I know I could post a link to one of the dozens, if not hundreds of news articles about the infamous Jan 6 event, but I'm not going to do that, because this is going to be an opinion piece on the subject, written by yours truly, Unregistered.

    Yes, admittedly what happened on Jan 6 had terrible optics for Trump supporters that were in no way, shape or form involved with the events at the capitol, but it happened. I kinda got the general feeling that it was a largely unplanned event that spiraled out of control, and some idiots did a few things that were really stupid. I mean, from my perspective, what the participants did was so bizarre that I thought maybe some of them were members of Antifa or a three letter agency, doing what they did to make Trump look bad (it didn't help that there actually were a few people there that were members of BLM and Antifa, and they were released without being charged with crimes). I'm not going to sweep all of this shit under the rug. It was bad, it was dumb, and I hope the people involved are appropriately charged with the crimes that they actually committed.

    That being said, I think it is bizarre how almost everyone is getting excited about that while completely ignoring the BLM and Antifa terrorist attacks that had been going on for almost a decade. In fact, simply trying to do a google search for antifa protests is challenging because for every link about them, there are three or four links about Jan 6. As for BLM, that's easier.

    George Floyd protests, May 26, 2020–ongoing
    Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, June 8, 2020–July 1, 2020
    Kenosha unrest and shooting, August 23 and 25, 2020
    Minneapolis false rumors riot, August 26–27, 2020
    Red House eviction defense protest, December 8, 2020
    (And that is only in 2020)

    Somehow, we are to believe that these terrorist attacks are something we should ignore, and that we should ignore the fact that communists are behind both Antifa and BLM.

    Exactly how stupid do they think we are?

    Corporations didn't "support" BLM so much as they tried to bribe them to go away, and we saw how well that worked. Democrats defunded the police, and crime skyrocketed. Newspapers stopped identifying the species of niggers in crime reports (while continuing to identify the race of humans), which naturally caused most people to assume that they were talking about niggers. The television has non-stop advertisements and tv shows featuring magic niggers.

    And aside from all of that, there was a whole bunch of gaslighting in regards to COVID-19. Did you know that prior to 2020, most medical journals classified the coronavirus as one of many possible causes of the common cold? How did people survive when "COVID-19" had been making the rounds for centuries prior to its official existence? But that's a whole other can of worms that deserves another thread, and isn't particularly relevant to the general theme of this site.

    I feel like we are actively in the midst of a second Cold War against communism. Perhaps not against Russia (I'm cool with Russians, as long as they don't try to kill me, but that can probably be said about most humans), but we do have communist terrorists (Antifa/BLM/DNC) that are trying to disrupt and destroy the United States of America.

    Not to mention our economy is being ripped to shreds by our reliance on China and other Asian nations for cheap goods. A lot of that could have been avoided by building infrastructure on American soil decades ago, so that we could produce our own goods in the event of shipping catastrophes, or, God forbid, we were blocked off from the world and could be self-sufficient. Tom Clancy once wrote a (fiction?) book a few decades about how China declared economic war on the USA by doing exactly what it is doing now (weakening us by making us reliant on them for goods), while a terrorist group released a highly contagious disease, which crippled the USA. (I swear, Tom Clancy was like Nostradamus in some ways. Or he was just really good at connecting the dots.)

    And of course we have Biden trying to open our borders and decrease or eliminate fossil fuel production. The first one is stupid mainly in the sense that I believe as a nation, the USA should take care of its own citizens first. As for the latter issue, why would you decrease fuel production when you don't have a preexisting infrastructure ready to replace it? Just dumb.

    There is just so much going on that is so bizarre and dumb that I can't help but feel I'm living in some kind of hellish version of the movie Idiocracy or the book The Forever War.

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    You know how to hit the nail on the head. I just had an almost identical conversation with a family member about how they are using covid as a way to suck the air out of the room and create chaos while doing all kinds of sneaky shit. I don’t think most people are down with the blm antifa nigger agenda but, not other real news is covered other than that. It will be real interesting what happens next November if everything isn’t rigged. Years ago I was a democrat due to working my ass off and struggling to survive. I was always for the little guy until I found out the democrats were only for the nigger. I digress. I still have many friends who are liberal who are turning on the democrats and seem like they are waking up and becoming more conservative. I hope November 2022 will be a butt fucking for the democrats.

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    Real simply niggers can torch cities and
    Flames decorate the nite skies for weeks.
    Media across the country describe them as
    peaceful protests.

    Taxpayers occupy the Federal capitol building they paid for. Its an attack to be memorialized annually
    On their little political programs each evening at 6pm.

    Ive had it

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    OP - your contribution would be greatly enhanced if you signed up and became a member. A growing army of people have discovered that they have been fooled and led astray by the media and they have no more morals left to ignore.
    Tough on niggers and the causes of niggers !

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    For some interesting reading for you history buffs out there; study the biographical data of the key purveyors of communism, including the civil rights act.
    Niggers: "The next to lowest form of life on the planet."

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    What else is new?The lamestream liberal cocksucker media has been spreading lies and covering for their nigger pets for as long as I can remember!

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