Hey everyone!

Long time no speak!

Don't worry I'm not going liberal

As some of you may know I started a new job flyin' planes. I used a scheme aimed at shitskins to fly yt juju machines (Fast track to commander)

I was working a domestic route to back home just before Christmas where some shitskins boarded from Africa no doubt sick of the smell and no gibs.

They were late boarding because they needed to inconvenience YT and buy "da duty freez with gibs monies". Its my last flight of the day, its 1pm and if I time it right, I'll be back home with Ms. Chimpout and she will be waiting at the airport for me because she is a gooden and we have plans to drink before Christmas before we go to our families.

So whilst I am a little impatient, I'm not bothered, this is a short sector (Its literally up few turns then down) and niggers can't get too rowdy. I like it, these flights usually mean its the end of the flight deck and crews day (We usually all come from the same town).

The niggers eventually knuckle drag itself to the gate where I'm wanting to refuse them carriage but the liberal gate agent tells us we have to accept them because they had come from Ghana or some shit hole. Via the dispatcher who wanted to offload them too but we didn't want them to cry rayciss so we waited.

They got in and made their presence known and one young sheboon was ooking and eeking. I thought "jeez. I want to get home".

But anyway, we get underway and its a 10 minute taxi to the runway and I'm just excited to see Ms. Chimpout. We are in the air and we hear banging on the door. I hear the crew telling them to sit down and then ooking and eeking. I look on the CCTV and it turns out its 2 niggers. I went in to procedure mode. I told them over the PA to sit down. They didn't so I squawked 7500 (The fellow flight crews will know how serious I took this). ATC ask whats going on. I explain, The controller sounded like it was all he needed too. I ask for a diversion. We get diverted to a military base here in the UK.

We start our rapid decent and we had to land heavy much like a Ryanair landing. and we landed at the base. The base police come on and removed them. We took off and landed 2 hours late as we had to remove all the nigger fambly.

So I got to land at a military base and did a ryanair style landing (We get in trouble if we do them routinely)

My boss was wetting himself laughing.