Mypillow guy's Mike Lindell second attempt to overturn the fake election.
Media won't mention it because it doesn't fit their narrative. No one knows it's happening. Except the heeb talk show host Jimmy Kimmel mentioned it. He called it a moron-a-thon.
I don't know what evidence he has that can do this. It seems to me they got away with it. If Trump's own legal team can't do it, how can the MyPillow guy? This is his second attempt and before not enough people watched, on top of that he knew nothing about computers, and since the election fraud was carried out using computers, his arguments were not too convincing.
I guess now he has learned about computers, and about the "geeks" using them...
Since I am one he would call a "geek" I'm still not real impressed with his knowledge.
But I believe the election was a massive hoax.
And at least he is trying. Is anyone else? No they've all given up. They're "waiting for the next election."
What makes you think we're going to make it to the next election with Biden ruining our country every day for the next 2+ years???
-intro video
well maybe check it out for yourself and see what you think,