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    Student has had enough of she boon teacher's sail foam monkeyshines

    Texas Student Hits Teacher in Viral Video, Tells Her Mom: 'She's Black and Pissing Me Off'

    Naturally, the assholes in the media are creatively editing out what led up to this incident and nigger ben crump is already screeching racissssms!
    Video here:

    Aviral video showed a white Texas student hitting a Black teacher in a classroom and then calling her mom to tell her "she's Black and f****** pissing me off."

    The incident happened at Castleberry High School in Fort Worth, Texas, according to local community news platform Smash Da Topic, which posted the video on Twitter that gained over 91,000 views as of Sunday.

    The video shows the teen walking over to the teacher who was standing at the front of the classroom apparently making a call from a phone on her desk. The student then tries to disconnect the call, but the teacher stops her. In response, the girl hits the teacher's arm.
    Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to avoid every nigger you meet.

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    This girl will be hounded relentlessly, for the rest of her life. Meanwhile, the gorilla sheboon that beat her
    wheelchair-bound teacher is probably back in school. Niggers convicted of murder, right back in class, in
    Rochester, NY.. School shooter nigger in Texas - out walking around on minimal bail.

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    Niggers can do no wrong... for the time being!

    = Niggers Are Always Causing Problems
    N.A.A.C.P. = Niggers Are Always Carrying Pistols
    N.A.A.C.P. = Niggers Are Always Copping Pleas

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    I bombarded THIS article with posts too. Fuck that monkey bitch.

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    That student looks as if she might have a mental disability to me. But of course that doesn't matter to the nigger loving media. Of course they'll take the side of the nigger Teacher. Now if the Teacher were white and the student was a nigger, they'd be making excuses about how the student didn't mean to spaz out, that she was just a innocent retarded nigger kid. I'm so sick of this nigger lovin bullshit.

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